The 3000 KW Nugu Mini Hydel Power plant situated at the Sargur District, H D Kote, Mysore in Karnataka is being operated on a Build, Operate & Transfer basis by Master Power. The project is a Green Field project certified for Carbon credits and generates approximately 8 to 9 million units per year.

The power is evacuated 7.5 kms from the plant to the Sargur sub-station from where it is connected to the Karnataka Electricity Board’s Grid for distribution to their various clients., The plant comprises of 2 Power Houses of 750 KW each and is operated through the Nugu Dam water discharge. The plant has generated employment for approximately 40 local engineers and officers and is helping in irrigation of a vast expanse of hinterland.

Master Power is in the process of implementing other projects in Hydro, Solar and Wind.