We at MMS carry out the vanning survey for IMDG hazardous cargo being transported by sea. The scope of the survey includes but is not limited to:

Master Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
Pre-survey documentation checks including MSDS, UN certificate of packaging , packing List, Booking Release Order, Dangerous Goods Declaration, labels and markings on the goods as per IMDG, placards and markings on the CTU, fumigation certificate if pallets or wood is used.

Onsite Survey of the empty container, including the CSC plate validity. The empty container is thoroughly checked for cleanliness, damages pest infestation, buckling etc. The container is rejected if it does not meet the standards. Only seaworthy containers are passed to ensure compliance.

Survey of the packaging, labelling & condition of the cargo to be loaded, also Stuffing, and lashing is surveyed on site as per IMDG & CTU code.