Metric Conversions

These Unit Conversion calculators allow you to easily convert between various English and Metric units for Length, Area, Volume, Weight, Temperature, Pressure and Force.

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Container Specifications

Dry Cargo Container

  • 20' Steel Dry Cargo Container
  • 40' Steel Dry CargoContainer
  • 40' Hi-Cube Steel Dry Cargo Container
  • 5' Hi-Cube Steel Dry Cargo Container
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Inco Terms


  • EXW - EX WORKS (... named place of delivery)
  • FCA - FREE CARRIER (... named place of delivery)
  • CPT - CARRIAGE PAID TO (... named place of destination)
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Distance Calculator
The following distances calculated are the shortest distance between two places in India. To measure the distance between two places select an originating point and a terminal point then click the CHECK button.

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